Tax Credits for Production Companies

Law n° 220 of 14 November 2016 ‘Disciplina del cinema e dell’audiovisivo’ establishes the ‘Film and Audiovisual Fund’ aimed at funding works through tax credits, automatic contributions and selective contributions.

The law recognises six types of tax credits:

  • Tax credits for production companies (article 15);
  • Tax credits for distribution companies (article 16);
  • Tax credits for film exhibitors, technical industries and post-production companies (article 17);
  • Tax credits for strengthening the film supply (article 18);
  • Tax credits for attracting investments in film and audiovisual products to Italy (article 19);
  • Tax credits for companies that do not belong to the film and audiovisual sector (article 20).

Tax credits for production companies allow companies to offset tax liabilities (IRES – corporate income tax, IRPEF – income tax, IRAP – regional income tax, VAT, social security and insurance contributions) with credits accrued following an investment in film and audiovisual development and production.

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