ACE Leadership Special

The ACE Leadership Special is aimed at experienced producers looking to establish sound business foundations for their companies and develop their personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The workshop is made possible thanks to support from Creative Europe MEDIA, the Netherlands Film Fund, Veneto Film Commission and CFAP.

The world of audiovisual production is changing rapidly. In order to survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, solid leadership is more important than ever. This asks for a strong vision, and the ability to operate with ever greater flexibility and agility. The ACE Leadership Special will help company-owning producers discover their own personal vision and gain the tools needed to adapt and flourish when faced with change.

ACE Leadership Special will help producers harness their capabilities and innate skills, raising their confidence to allow them to provide effective leadership for their production companies and teams, and to become “Leaders Through Change”.

“This workshop is a game changer for organisation of the workplace and strategizing properly – I highly recommend it regardless of how far ahead you are in your career. I found it extremely useful and motivating.” Roman Paul – ACE 16.

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