Consult the specific pages of the Creative Europe portal for the new calls for proposals available from the MEDIA sub-programme which supports the European film and audio-visual industry in the development of audio-visual projects and videogames, the production of television shows, distribution, training and promotion.

With a total budget of € 103.4 million, the measures are intended to strengthen the capacity of the audio-visual sector to work at the transnational and international level and to promote transnational circulation.

Currently, the terms of the following call for proposals have reopened:

  • EACEA 17/2019 – Support for Development of Audio-visual Content – Single Project (€5.4M) with the objective of increasing the development of European audio-visual works with the potential for circulation throughout the European Union and worldwide.
  • EACEA 29/2018 – Support to Sales Agents, with the objective of encouraging and supporting the transnational distribution of European films by providing funds to sales agents (€3.5M).
  • EACEA 26/2019 – Support for Festivals, for organisations that hold audiovisual festivals in countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme (€3.7M).
  • EACEA 23/2019 – Promotion of European Works Online, with the objective of supporting digital promotion, collaboration between European VOD services and innovative strategies for distribution (€10.1M).
  • EACEA 25/2019 – Support to Film Education, aimed at promoting film literacy and at increasing audiences’ knowledge (€1.9M).
  • EACEA 19/2019 – Support for Development of European Video Games, with the objective of developing a concept and project of highly innovative and creative narrative storytelling video games (€3.78M).
  • EACEA 29/2019 – Support to International Co-production Funds with the objective of helping European and international co-production partners to come together and/or providing indirect support for audiovisual works co-produced (€500,000).
  • EACEA 20/2019 – Support for TV programming, with the objective of encouraging the broadcasting of television works (€13.5M).
  • EACEA 21/2019 – Support for the distribution of non-national films – Distribution Selective Scheme, to facilitate the cross-border distribution of recent European films by encouraging film distributors to invest in the promotion and suitable distribution (€9.85M).
  • EACEA 18/2019 – Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Slate Funding, for proposals with a view to developing a Slate of minimum 3 to maximum 5 projects (Slate Funding) for commercial exploitation (€12,5M).
  • EACEA 24/2019 – Support to Cinema Networks, open to cinema network that represent at least 100 cinemas situated in at least 20 countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme (€10,9M).
  • EACEA 22/2019 – Support for distribution and sales agents – Automatic distribution support, with the objective of supporting the transnational distribution of recent European films by to actions for distributors and sales agents (€27,8M).

(from Italy for Movies)