Measures for film and audiovisual works in Calabria

The Regional Council of Calabria has approved the law entitled ‘Regional measures for the film and audiovisual industry in Calabria’, demonstrating that it leads the way when it comes to adopting policies that prioritise culture in social and economic development.
The law governs all aspects of the film and audiovisual sector: training, film tourism, care and upkeep of cinemas, film societies and operators of various kinds who work in the sector. The aim is to attract national and international productions to the region and consolidate the local audiovisual sector, also creating the conditions for making long-term projects possible.
This focus on the film and audiovisual sector comes from recent awareness of the sector’s potential as a catalyst for financial income and employment, its ability to rebrand the region in terms of its landscape and culture, and for its ability to attract national and international businesses to the region.