Set of culture Award

Set of Culture is intended to promote Europe’s cultural heritage by publicising the locations found in the databases of the various European film commissions. The aim of the Set of Culture Award is to involve European citizens in raising awareness of and enhancing the profile of cultural heritage and locations linked to cinema and TV.

At the core of each film commission is a database of locations suitable for an endless range of stories, plots and scenarios – but each location itself also brings with it a storied past, its own cultural heritage, age-old traditions and artistic backgrounds.

Each film commission had the chance to put forward five locations from its respective region that best represent the spirit of the European Union because of their cultural heritage or the historical events that took place there, or for artistic reasons.

The locations have been divided into five categories:

  1. Castles
  2. Bridges
  3. Squares
  4. Archaeological sites
  5. Sites of European historical events

Citizens are encouraged to choose one location per category online. At the end of the voting process, one location in each category that best represents the essence of Europe will receive an award.

To participate in the vote, it is necessary to choose a location in each category: