“Piranhas” wins Best Script in Berlin and “Dafne” wins Premio Fipresci

“This prize is dedicated to the NGOs that save lives in the Mediterranean. To me, writing this film meant telling a truth, something that is becoming more and more difficult in our country. We talk about the invasion of migrants, but don’t mention the invasion of criminal capitals. We stop the bodies and we let poisonous money pass.” This is the declaration of Roberto Saviano, winner of the Silver Bear Best Script Award at the 69th Berlinale, along with Maurizio Braucci and director Claudio Giovannesi for Piranhas, based on his own novel. Besides the NGOs, the writer dedicates the award to the “masters of the streets, who save lives in the popular neighborhoods.”

Braucci adds: “Friendship is a fundamental ingredient for the success of a story and we indeed have worked under a regime of great friendship. This prize is dedicated to the young people living in the South who needs support, more than what they are receiving now. That’s why friendship is important, between Italy and the other countries.”

On stage, director Claudio Giovannesi thanks all those who collaborated at the film, Saviano for choosing him and the festival for selecting the film. He stresses that this prize is dedicated to Italy, “in the hope that art, culture, and education will be a priority again.”

Full list of awards:

Golden Bear: Synonyms by Nadav Lapid

Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize: Grace à Dieu by François Ozon

Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize: Systemsprenger by Nora Fingscheidt

Silver Bear Best Director Prize: Angela Schanelec for Ich war zu Hause, aber…

Silver Bear for Best Actress: Yong Mei for So Long, My Son

Silver Bear for Best Actor: Wang Jingchun for So Long, My Son

Silver Bear Best Script Prize: Roberto Saviano, Maurizio Braucci and Claudio Giovannesi for Piranhas

Silver Bear for Best Artistic Contribution: Rasmus Videbaek for the cinematography of Out Stealing Horses

Best Documentary: Talking about trees by Suhaib Gasmelbari

Best First Film: Oray by Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay

Golden Bear for Best Short: Umbra by Florian Fischer & Johannes Krel

Silver Bear Short Film: Blue Boy by Manuel Abramovich

Audi Short Film Award: Rise by Barbara Wagner and Benjamin De Burca