Locarno Film Festival 2017

Here’s the Program of Locarno 70

17 films have been selected for the International Competition, including no fewer than 11 European works (two of which are co-productions). The themes being broached this year are as varied as they are personal: from La Telenovela errante by Raúl Ruiz and Valéria Sarmiento, a film shot in 1990 which is only being released now almost 30 years later, to Ta peau si lisse (a co-production between Canada and Switzerland) by Denis Côté, which traces out the trajectory of two bodybuilders. As already mentioned, there are lots of European films in the running, taking us on a journey from France (including the highly-anticipated Madame Hyde by Serge Bozon), to Germany (Freedom by Jan Speckenbach), via Italy (The Asteroids by Germano Maccioni) and Romania (Charleston by Andreï Cretulescu), and Denmark (Winter Brothers by Hlynur Pálmason). This year there are two Swiss films in the running: Goliath by Dominik Locher and the above-mentioned Ta peau si lisse (co-produced by Canada).

Two Swiss films will also have the honour of being screened in Piazza Grande (read news), without forgetting the Panorama Suisse section, which proposes the best Swiss films from the last year. Last but not least, not to be missed is the latest film by the “enfant terrible” of Swiss theatre Milo RauDas Kongo Tribunal, which will be screened in its world premiere at Critics’ Week.

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International Competition

Good Luck – Ben Russell (France/Germany)
La telenovela errante – Raúl RuizValéria Sarmiento (Chile)
Lucky – John Carroll Lynch (United States)
Madame Hyde – Serge Bozon (France/Belgium)
Mrs. Fang – Wang Bing (France/China/Germany)
Dragonfly Eyes – Xu Bing (China/United States)
Ta peau si lisse – Denis Côté (Canada/Switzerland)
Winter Brothers – Hlynur Pálmason (Denmark/Iceland)
Duty – Annemarie Jacir (Palestine/France/Colombia/Norway/Qatar/United Arab Emirates)
9 Fingers – FJ. Ossang (France)
Good Manners – Juliana RojasMarco Dutra (Brazil/France)
Charleston – Andreï Cretulescu (Romania/France)
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? – Travis Wilkerson (United States)
En el séptimo día – Jim MacKay (United States)
Freedom – Jan Speckenbach (Germany/Slovakia)
Gemini – Aaron Katz (United States)
The Asteroids – Germano Maccioni (Italy)
Goliath – Dominik Locher (Switzerland)