17/10/2015, 10:00
Terme di Diocleziano Sala Conferenze

Focus on Sustainability is increasingly at the center of the international Film/TV production discussions. Film Commissions and various film institutions are campaigning to help rethink producing routines and to find new patterns for a positive ecological impact of a film or TV production in the territories. Recycling, reduced energy consumption, sustainable trans are just some options that can become a real cost cutter.
What does it take for productions to go green in ITALY? IFC is leading the discussion in partnership with Edison.
Different approaches, models, and experiences used in various Italian Regions (Piemonte, Sardegna, Trentino) will be discussed.
Speakers: Nevina Satta (Sardegna Film Commission), Luca Ferrario (Trentino Film Commission), Enrico De Lotto (Torino-Piemonte Film Commission), Gianfranco Capizzi (Green Film Network), Gianluca Della Campa (Edison Green Movie).


17/10/2015, 16:30
Terme di Diocleziano Rai Com Luce
For this dedicated focus, all of Italy’s national and local audiovisual institutions, together with the main trade associations, will present what the country has to offer for foreign producers and investors by way of support, incentives, grants, locations and talent. Barbara Bettelli, a lawyer specializing in the Entertainment Industry, will moderate the talk. Iole Giannattasio and Chiara Fortuna – of the MiBACT| Direzione Generale Cinema – will give a definitive, detailed overview of the national audiovisual production and coproduction funds, development support schemes and the Italian tax credit system. They will also present the new website La Bussola del Cinema, a comprehensive guide to the diverse audiovisual support tools available to foreign productions in Italy.
Conchita Airoldi (Urania Pictures, for ANICA- National Association of Film and Audiovisual Industries) and Laurentina Guidotti (Iterfilm, for APT – Association of Italian Television Producers) will add their points of view as experienced film and TV producers, while the Film Commissions Association, represented by Stefania Ippoliti, will introduce a complete guide to the rich, varied offer of Italian locations and regional incentive schemes. Luciano Sovena (president of the Roma Lazio Film Commission, Guest Region of the MIA) will speak on the Lazio Region’s new audiovisual fund, to be presented in a special press conference on Oct. 17 in the morning. A comprehensive booklet on all the Italian incentives will be available. Organized in cooperation with MiBACT – Direzione Generale Cinema, ANICA, APT, Italian Film Commissions Association and the Roma Lazio Film Commission.
Moderator: Barbara Bettelli (Lawyer)
Speakers: Iole Giannattasio and Chiara Fortuna (MiBACT) Conchita Airoldi (ANICA) Laurentina Guidotti (APT) Stefania Ippoliti (Italian Film Commissions ) Luciano Sovena (President of the Roma Lazio Film Commission)