New leaders for the audiovisual industry in Europe

After Xavier Troussard stepped down as head of the MEDIA sub-programme for Creative Europe at the end of June, Lucia Recalde Langarica is to take over the leadership of the new EU programme for Culture and Audiovisual on 1 September. Born in Spain and having started her career with a degree in Political Science and Law, Recalde Langarica worked for the Directorate of European Affairs of the Basque Government. She joined the European Commission in 1995, where she was the head of the unit for Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at DG Education and Culture (EAC) in Brussels.

Currently, the Creative Europe programme is managed by Michel Magnier (acting as a commissary), the director of culture and creativity at DG EAC.

Another leadership shift that affects the audiovisual industry in Europe is Italian MEP Silvia Costa’s appointment as the successor to Doris Pack, the long-time chair of the EU Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT). Costa, who worked for Pack for several years, was responsible for the committee’s report that shaped the new Creative Europe programme. She also prepared a draft opinion for the EP’s Committee on Budgets with regard to the upcoming Creative Europe budget.

Furthermore, Irina Orssich is leaving MEDIA Mundus. She will be working for the Knowledge Base at DG Connect – European Commission, which supports research and innovation within the manufacturing sector.