From 4 to 6 May, the Fellini Room and sound stages 10 and 11 of Cinecittà Studios will host the Videogame Lab, a large-scale event dedicated entirely to the world of video games. There will be three days of immersion, interaction, training and play. There will be laboratories, workshops, educational activities for schools and families, panels and exclusive masterclasses, interactive activity stations and presentations on the history of video games and the latest innovations in the sector. It is significant that the event is being held in the most iconic place in the history of cinema, pointing to a connection between the past, the present and the future of audiovisual entertainment.

On 4 May the event will broach, among other things, the topic of video games in relation to research and cultural heritage. The current state of the sector and its prospects in Italy and Europe will be analysed from many points of view: the video games market, heritage and cultural institutions, and scientific research and training, with the aim of forging an alliance that will lead to national and international growth.

On 5 May IVIPRO will moderate and take part in the discussion ‘Video games and audiovisual media: recounting places, the people who live there and their stories’. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the role that video games can play in promoting Italy and its cultural heritage.

Entry to the event is free.

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