Small Municipalities and Paths of Italy: presentation on 17 June with the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini

On June 17, 2020 Symbola Foundation presents the research work “Small Municipalities and Paths of Italy” in the presence of the Minister of MiBCT, Dario Franceschini, and the IFEL President, Guido Castelli, in dialogue with President Symbola Ermete Realacci.

After having told the Italian Small Municipalities through the typical PDO / PGI and the Apennines, Symbola, in collaboration with the IFEL Foundation, explores the “Cammini d’Italia” to analyze the value and richness of the Small Municipalities: real sites of cultural diversity and territorial, where hospitality becomes a resource, sustainability is transformed into a push for growth and identity is transformed into competitiveness. Within this network, the Cammini d’Italia are configured as a network of paths that connects traditions, nature and beauty, economy on a human scale and short-chain food, pocket multinationals and non-profit associations.
Piccoli Comuni and Cammini d’Italia is a journey consisting of 44 itineraries in 15,400 km which winds along the entire Peninsula and islands, passes through 1,435 municipalities, of which 944 are small (66% of those affected by the network of itineraries), and meets over 2 thousand cultural goods and 179 PDO / PGI productions, 86.6% of the latter in small municipalities.