The Euro 75: showcasing Europe’s leading independent producers

In honour of Cannes Film Festival’s 75th anniversary, Screen International celebrates 75 independent European production companies flying the flag for film in 2022

Welcome to The Euro 75, Screen International’s showcase of 75 independent European production companies actively engaged in 2022 in the origination, development and production of feature films, working with other co-­production partners to create works for arthouse audiences and the global festival circuit.

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Why 75? To recognise Cannes Film Festival’s 75th anniversary this year — the festival that continues to embrace cinema with the most fervour, and certainly grants the optimal platform for arthouse films to achieve global success.

It’s a sign of our interrupted lives — and industry — that we first started mulling this feature way back in late 2019, before the pandemic got in everyone’s way. But we’re a glass-half-full kind of team: if we had created this list then, for Cannes 2020, it would have been the Euro 50, so the festival’s own diamond jubilee offered a dovetailing opportunity to expand the net to 75 companies and producers — and at a time when the pandemic’s impact on production is dissipating.

While 75 sounds like a hefty number, you can imagine the Sisyphean task that went into trimming down the list: weeks of back and forth, debate, last-­minute suggestions, 11th-hour dropouts, blood, sweat and, quite possibly, tears. Buy us a rosé in Cannes and we’ll tell you all about it: we can’t lie, it did get heated at times.

Like any list, we know our Euro 75 is going to arouse debate. The European film production landscape is the most intricate and extensive in the world — a rich, deep network of smart, creative people encouraged and incentivised to work together across borders, embedded within a union of nations (never mind Brexit, impossible as it is to ignore) bound in economic, social and political collaboration.

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