Cappuccino with the Italians – MIA Market 2022

IFC Italian Film Commissions organizes “CAPPUCCINO WITH THE ITALIANS” at Palazzo Barberini during MIA MARKET 2022.

The initiative is organized by IFC Italian Film Commissions in collaboration with MIA International Audiovisual Market and with the support of Enit – National Tourism Agency. “Cappuccino with the Italians”, during the main international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, is an opportunity for meetings and discussions between international audiovisual producers, to create opportunities for the development of projects in the various Italian regional territories through the activities of the Association of Italian Film Commissions.

This edition, with a focus on production in Ukraine, will see KYIV MEDIA WEEK and UKRANIAN CONTENT GLOBAL COOPERATION as guests.

“CAPPUCCINO WITH THE ITALIANS” will be held on 12 October at 10.30 at the Italian Film Commissions Pavilion, Palazzo Barberini, Rome.