On 13 May 2018, in the prestigious setting of the Cannes International Film Festival, the Cine Tour Calabria – Guida alla Calabria cinematografica (lit. Cine Tour Calabria – Guide to Calabria through film) was presented. Edited by Maurizio Paparazzo and Giovanni Scarfò, the Guide was put together by the Fondazione Calabria Film Commission and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Calabria e di Lucania.

The publication, which is available in Italian and English, shows us around the Region according to two points of reference: film locations on the one hand, and Calabria’s historical and cultural heritage on the other. Combining the two results in eight film-themed tourist itineraries, aimed at both film enthusiasts looking to rediscover the places they’ve seen and screen and industry professionals such as directors, producers, location managers and screenwriters looking for the perfect settings for their audiovisual works.

The Guide also comes with a series of historical and cultural information courtesy of historian Ulderico Nisticò and writer Daniela Rabia, along with 180 original photos by five photographers deployed across Calabria.

It is a detailed and intimate piece on the Region, which highlights the great potential of Calabria to pull in film productions, thanks above all to its landscape heritage, which has been used to shoot 183 fictional pieces for the big and silver screens between 1942 and 2017. The latest productions to be filmed in the Region include the highly acclaimed Black Souls by Francesco Munzi, A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano, Penalty by Aldo Iuliano, The Millionairs by Claudio Santamaria, and the more recent Bismillah by Alessandro Grande.

(from Italy for Movies)