IDFAcademy is looking for European documentary talent

IDFAcademy is looking for European documentary talent!

During the festival, IDFA offers an intensive four-day training program for emerging documentary filmmakers and producers from Europe. IDFAcademy will be held November 20-23, 2014.

This year, IDFAcademy is open to emerging filmmakers and producers from Europe (nationality). The program gives them the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of highly esteemed documentary professionals who are willing to share their knowledge of the industry. During the training, the participants gain up-to-date market knowledge of the documentary industry and become street-smart about the current trends in documentary filmmaking. Trends and models in various parts of the world are discussed to ensure that participants develop a broad view of the sector. Participants apply with a film that they want to distribute on the world stage, or a project that they would like to produce and/or finance internationally, and eventually distribute. This ensures that participants are constantly applying the general knowledge and advice to their own film or project during the four days.

IDFAcademy offers a comprehensive introduction to the festival and the professional market. By putting IDFA, Docs for Sale and IDFA Forum to use, the professional benefits are substantial.

Profile of the Participants:
Documentary filmmakers and producers from Europe who have made a maximum of two documentaries, preferably between 20 and 90 minutes in length. These documentaries provide evidence of their talent. A course of study in film is a plus, but not a requirement.

Up until now, the filmmakers have operated primarily on the national level, where their films have been financed and screened. They now wish to broaden their careers by operating internationally. A few of the participants have IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Frederiksplein 52, 1017 XN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Follow us on films that are screening at IDFA. For most of them, IDFA is the first major international documentary film festival that they have attended.

We are very grateful that the IDFAcademy activities during the festival in 2014 are again supported by the MEDIA Programme.

IDFAcademy 2014 is open to a maximum of  80 participants.

Application for IDFAcademy is handled through MyIDFA. Information about accreditation can be found here.

The deadline for application is October 10. The selection will be announced before the end of October.