Biennale College selects 8 Italian projects

The Biennale College Cinema – Italia 2018-2019 workshop is taking place in Venice from July 9 to 14. It is dedicated to 8 teams composed by a director and a producer, both of Italian nationality, selected after a call for micro-budget feature projects. The 8 selected projects are: Amygdala (director Paolo Marchione, producer Mario Lanti); Andrea – Group Photo without a Lady (director Teresa Sala, producer Ivan Casagrande Conti); Hominarius (director Federico Lagna, producer Alice Drago); Ichicomori (director Carlotta Piccinini, producer Ilaria Malagutti); Lessons of Love (director Chiara Campara, producer Tancredi Campello); Teresa, Luisa and the #NotteRosa (director Gianluca Zonta, producer Lamberto Mongiorgi); The Properties of Metals (director Antonio Bigini, producer Claudio Giapponesi); Untitled Youth (director Domenico Distilo, producer Marco Lo Curzio).

At the end of the workshop, after careful consideration of the materials developed by the teams and delivered by mid-August, 3 projects will be further selected. These 3 Italian projects will take part in another workshop to be held in Venice next October together with 9 international projects. The announcement of the 12 projects will be made during the Venice Film Festival 2018.

After another round of selection, 3 final projects will be developed into micro-budget feature films and will be presented at the Venice Film Festival 2019. La Biennale will support the films with a budget up to 150.000 Euro each.