Tuscany: € 130,000 allocated for documentary films

The winners of the call for applications for funding for the production of documentary films, held by the Toscana Film Commission, have been published online.

Out of the 47 projects submitted, 11 received at least 60/111 points and will receive funding amounting to € 130,000. The call is one of the actions being implemented in the audiovisual sector as part of the Sensi Contemporanei Framework Programme Agreement – Tuscany for film, which was signed on 5 August 2016 by the Directorate-General for Film of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, and the Tuscany Region. The incentive aims to support both the production of documentaries filmed mainly in the region (at least 50%) and the creativity of writers and producers born or resident in Tuscany with projects that don’t necessarily feature any Tuscan locations.

Many of the winning projects feature stories out of the ordinary, like Francesco Fei’s La regina di Casetta, which tells the story of the only teenager in a small town in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, or The last italian cowboy by Walter Bencini, a documentary on the last traditional cowboys of Maremma. Other documentary works focus on the lives of figures of varying degrees of fame: they include The Butterfly, directed by Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman, starring the first female Italian boxer, from Naples, who succeeded in qualifying for the Olympics, or the more artistic Il tempo impresso. Andrej Tarkovskij on the famous Russian director, and Kemp, on the life and career of the British actor of the same name.