FVG Audiovisual Fund: €200,000 granted at the last call

The results of the last call for applications of 2017 by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund have been published online.

The Technical Committee, which met on 28 November, has approved no fewer than 18 projects for funding of €200,000 in total. More specifically, funding for development was granted to 11 projects, comprising five documentaries, three fictional works and three shorts, for a total of €146,332. Funding was instead awarded for distribution to two documentaries, amounting to €50,600. Training grants were also awarded to five professionals, who will be given over €4,000 to participate in various kinds of training projects, including the MAIA Workshop.

The Regional Authorities of Friuli Venezia Giulia have been granting funding to independent production companies based in the region for 10 years now through the FVG Audiovisual Fund, which was established with the Regional Law on Film (Law no. 21 of 6 November 2006).

The Fund aims to support local operators involved in audiovisual production in developing their activities and training their professionals. The various calls for applications launched throughout the year offer grants for the development of projects, the distribution of completed works at regional, national and international level, and vocational training.