Alliance for Development is born

Led by the Locarno Film Festival and its Industry Office, with the support of Switzerland’s Federal Office of Culture (in the context of the Media compensatory measures), France’s CNC, Italy’s MiBACT and Germany’s FFA, the Alliance for Development (AFD) platform will organise its first edition from 8-10 August this year as part of the 68th edition of the famous Swiss gathering.

Intended to stimulate co-development and co-productions between France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, the initiative will offer five projects to the European professionals taking part in the Industry Days at Locarno. Interestingly, most of these projects have already benefited from subsidies from the development funds set up recently by France and Italy, as well as by Germany and Italy, and a fund of the same type involving France and Germany will be operational before the end of 2015.

At the Locarno Industry Days, the directors and producers of the selected projects will benefit from a schedule of individual appointments with potential partners (co-producers, financiers, distributors, international sales agents) and a host of meetings aimed at enabling them to expand their networks.

2015 selection for Alliance for Development:

CNC – MiBACT: Après la guerre by Annarita Zambrano producer: Stéphanie Douet (Sensito Films, France)

CNC – MiBACT: Libera Me by Bruno and Fabrizio Urso producer: Vincent Brançon (To be continued, France)

MiBACT – CNC: L’ospite by Duccio Chiarini producer: Tommaso Arrighi (House on Fire, Italy)

FFA – MiBACT: Vivaldi by Bille August producers: Reinhard Brundig and Nina Frese (Pandora Film, Germany)

CNC – FFA: Le garçon au cheval by Mikaël Gaudin producer: Guillaume Dreyfus (Année Zéro, France)