The locations and itineraries for Italian films and TV series both new and old will be shared every Thursday on the social media profiles of DG Tourism

Italy for Movies, the national portal for locations and production incentives run by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà – in partnership with the Italian Film Commissions association and in coordination with MiBACT’s Directorate Generals for Cinema and Tourism – is a point of reference in the film and film tourism sector. It is for sector professionals, providing a complete and up-to-date overview of the incentives available for production teams shooting in Italy, as well as film enthusiasts, people who love visiting film locations, and anyone who is simply curious to know where a series they’ve seen on TV or a film they’ve seen at the cinema was filmed. For some weeks now Italy for Movies has also been present on social media sites  Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

The project – which was set up in 2017 under the memorandum of understanding signed by the Directorate Generals for Cinema and Tourism – is one of the measures expressly provided for by the Plan Implementing the Strategic Plan for Tourism 2017-2022, and among the interventions provided for by the Strategic Plan for Tourism. The latter lays out strategic measures for standardising and organising existing heritage, also setting up experimental and innovative initiatives for both supply and target markets and the relative promotion and marketing channels.

The same fruitful partnership between the Directorate Generals for Cinema and Tourism has resulted in social media campaign #ItalyforMovies: every Thursday starting from 14 June, DG Tourism, Italy for Movies and Istituto Luce Cinecittà will use their social media profiles to share film and tourism locations and itineraries. The virtual journey through Italy will continue on Friday, which will be dedicated to Cammini (lit. ‘Trails’), taking visitors around the landscapes and locations featured in films, TV series and video games, which part of our column will be dedicated to. The first itinerary kicks off at Montalbano’s home, taking visitors on a tour around the Sicilian locations featured in the TV series about Italy’s most famous police inspector.