How will our way of telling reality change and how will the genres of TV story change? Working between creativity and security. Local product vs international co-production: on which scenarios to invest? The role of the independent producer and the relationship with broadcasters and digital platforms, between the demand for new content and the uncertainty of the reopening of the sets. These are some of the issues that we will address on Wednesday 10 June 2020, at 5:00 pm, with some of the protagonists of the audiovisual market on creativity and the production of scripted content, at a crucial stage for the entire Italian audiovisual system.

Nicola De Angelis, CEO & Head of International Co-productions and Development of Fabula Pictures, a company of the Federation Entertainment group that produced the Netflix Baby series, together with Francesca Di Donna, Head of Development & Production of Rodeo Drive, including titles in development the Survivors series, and with Giuseppe Saccà producer of Pepito Produzioni among which titles Favolacce, Hammamet, and the series I wanted to be a rock star and Giannandrea Pecorelli, CEO of Aurora TV – Banijay Group, producer of Il Paradiso delle Signore, yes they will discuss on various issues related to content, production models and the international scenario, in a year that promises to be not without challenges for independent producers all over the world.