The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe has opened its Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Projects Call for Proposals for feature-length films, works of animation, creative documentaries and TV projects intended for theatrical release, television broadcast or distribution on digital platforms. The first deadline for submission of applications is 13 November 2019, the second 12 May 2020 (open from 20 February 2020).

The funding support is aimed at independent European production companies who have been legally constituted for at least 12 months prior to the submission date and of proven experience. In particular, the applicant must prove it has produced a previous work in the five years preceding its application submission that has been released or broadcast in at least one country other than that of the applicant.

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is €5.4 million. The contribution will be assigned as a grant, with the maximum amount per single project as follows: €60,000 for works of animation, €25,000 for creative documentaries; €50,000 for TV drama when the production budget is equal to/above 1.5 M€ and €30,000 for TV drama when the production budget is below 1.5 M€.

Further information is available in the summary here.