IVIPRO’s Luoghi & Storie database now available

The first entries in the Luoghi & Storie database are now available on IVIPRO’s portal, in Early Access form. The database gathers together – and will continue to do so in the months to come – the fruits of the fieldwork carried out all over Italy by the Italian Videogame Program. The database is set up as a true ongoing collection of Italian locations and history that could inspire future videogames.

Developers will be able to navigate the database in search of inspiration, anecdotes and tales tied to pieces of historical and cultural heritage of our country, which have been selected for their videogame potential. They can also use the database to find out about any digital assets that may already be available for specific locations.

Thanks to the database, institutions will instead be able to harness the videogame potential of the heritage they protect and think up new ways of promoting it through videogames. The database, which is in line with the broader objectives of the IVIPRO project, aims to create a bridge between institutions scattered all over Italy and the people who make videogames.